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The Future of Thought is a global multi-disciplinary research and development collaboration. Our mission is to improve the outlooks for human thought in the information age.

We are a network of individuals and organizations from different backgrounds and interests who have a shared interest in better understanding and improving the intersection of human cognition and emerging technologies.


FoT is born out of research of Pat Scannell, a technologist who set out to research the cumulative impact of technology on the human brain. Pat soon discovered the scope of the project not only required the crowd-source collaboration of a great number of stakeholders, but that specifically because of the complexity of the challenge, the opportunity space was not currently being addressed in a broad organized way by any other organization in the world.

The Consortium approach stems from an inaugural seminar Pat gave in January, 2017, in the Washington DC area, to a small diverse group of stakeholders from the fields of neuroscience, technology, medicine, national defense, public policy, and other interests. The FoT is a direct result of the momentum and feedback of that first seminar, and the April 2017 TED talk that was a result of the January seminar.

Since then, FoT has done talks at a number of venues and institutions, and has commenced several collaborations to launch the organization and its’ various planned platforms.


  1. Creating a common situation awareness or problem framework from which multiple disciplines can work
  2. Creating better public awareness of technological impacts on human thought
  3. Promote best practices – gather, develop and disseminate strategies for optimizing human machine teaming under different circumstances, or with respect to various desired outcomes
  4. Development of technology solutions  and products to maximize value of human machine integration services


  • Online collaborations/sharing
  • Peer-review collaborations
  • Physical conferences
  • Virtual events (e.g. World Café™)
  • Technology development


  • Academics: e.g. neurosciences, humanities, technology, policy
  • Clinicians: e.g. psychology, psychiatry, neurosciences, medical
  • Coaching/Performance leaders
  • Industry: e.g. technology firms, employers
  • Policy groups
  • Individuals

Steering committee

Future of Thought is in the early stages of formation, and is currently managed by a steering committee that will lead it through the organizational activities. The most likely form of this organization will be a Public Benefit Corporation.

Pat Scannell

Pat Scannell

•Led Strategy/Product/Marketing at Google-backed JV that sold for $13B
•Industry thought leader on the intersection of technology and cognition
Anca Selariu, Ph.D.

Anca Selariu, Ph.D.

•Integrative BioScientist
Tyler Sweatt

Tyler Sweatt

•Industry thought leader on future strategies
•West Point and Deloitte Consulting alum
Darren Culbreath

Darren Culbreath

•Big data architect for USPTO, National Geographic, George Washington University
Jay Scannell

Jay Scannell

•CTO, COO Skymall
•COO Gift Card
Michael Keene

Michael Keene

  • Cheif Design Officer and Co-Founder – KM
  • Design and technology advisor